Improving SPS Systems in Africa for Food Security and Trade

Africa faces considerable challenges related to sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) systems, including lack of coordination and harmonization between countries and regions, weak regulatory systems, and limited capacities to invest in SPS systems and implement actions to improve food safety and plant and animal health. These challenges impact health and wellbeing, with Africans suffering from highContinue reading “Improving SPS Systems in Africa for Food Security and Trade”

Food Safety in Africa (2021-2023)

Project on Strengthening Food Safety Systems in West Africa  This project aims to strengthen food safety systems by growing food safety capacity and harmonization of measures across countries and regions. The project will engage the Africa Union, the RECs, member states and agribusiness to improve understanding of and application of science-based sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS)Continue reading “Food Safety in Africa (2021-2023)”

West Africa: Food Safety Program (2020-2024)

The AFSI program works with ECOWAS to strengthen and refine the Network of Food Safety Actors (“Network”), established in 2015, and provides support to their coordination efforts within the region, including annual Network meetings and outreach to improve communication between Member States on food safety concerns. AFSI assists with coordination within the network and with other existing regional bodies, such as the West Africa Pesticide Regional Committee (WAPRC). The network of regulators involved in food safety is complex…