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Missouri School of Journalism helping communities in Africa talk about pesticides, avoid fake news.

From Journalism.Missouri.edu
By Austin Fitzgerald

Columbia, Mo. (Aug. 30, 2021) — Researchers at the Missouri School of Journalism are helping people in Africa improve communication about pesticides in their countries, the latest effort from the School to improve how science is communicated to the general public.

Funded by a USDA grant and backed by research into how pesticides are covered in the media throughout the continent, the researchers are holding ongoing virtual workshops in countries across Africa to teach people about storytelling, identifying misinformation, shooting and editing videos, and other communication skills.

“The goal is to help people — whether they are regulators or PR representatives or anyone else — communicate with the public and the media accurately and effectively about pesticides,” said Professor Jon Stemmle, chair and professor of Strategic Communication in the Missouri School of Journalism. 

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