MRL Harmonization (2020-2024)

AFSI works across Africa to support harmonized MRLs among RECs and member states in line with international Codex standards.  The project builds capacity of national and regional regulators to build robust pesticide regulatory frameworks and capacities and to set pesticide maximum residue limits (MRLs) in Africa that are science-based and backed by the WTO SPS Agreement. Expected outcomes of this program will be the alignment of pesticide registration systems and MRL standard setting across the regions of Africa. The project is led by implementing partners University of Missouri and UMAP-Ghana.

AFSI’s strategy focuses on leveraging regional networks to support the establishment of strong, science-based regulatory systems for pesticide MRL regulation. The program’s objectives include the following:

  • Leveraging regional economic communities to increase data-sharing and facilitate regional cooperation in pesticide registration
  • MRL decision pathways adopted that are robust and trade-facilitative
  • Codex crop grouping adopted at the regional level for registrations and MRL establishment
  • Conducting joint pesticide efficacy trials across African countries to better deal with emerging pests
  • Common registration requirements and formats
  • Increased communications capacities to engage the public on risk assessment

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